What Your Wedding Venue Says About You

What Your Wedding Venue Says About You

If you’re planning a wedding, you probably have a vision of what you want your wedding day to look like. We’ll even bet that many of you have a Pinterest board filled with wedding inspiration and that at least some of you have been harboring your wedding vision since you were just a child. Whether you’re dreaming of unique centerpieces or envisioning the ceremony arch, a huge part of your wedding vision rests on where you tie the knot! Where you choose to get married is often a reflection of who you are as an individual. Maybe you’re a DIY guru who needs a blank canvas, or maybe you’re a laid-back gal who needs a venue that speaks for your personality! We took a look at some popular wedding venue styles to see what they say about the brides that choose them. What does your wedding venue say about you?

The Ballroom Reminiscent of fairy tales, royal weddings, and princes, the ballroom is the most traditional and glamorous venue style on our list. With open floors that invite dancing and impressive chandeliers that add a shimmer to every occasion, ballrooms are romantic in every way. Ballroom settings are perfect for couples hosting larger celebrations and for brides who want to fully personalize the space to fit their stylish visions. While the ballroom may be a traditional style, we’ll bet the bride is anything but! With an upscale taste, she is meticulous in detail and knows exactly what she wants. If there is anyone who can throw the party of the decade (or the century), it’s definitely her.

Terrace on the Park, NY / InterContinental Mark Hopkins, CA / The Ebell of Los Angeles, CA

The Beach Unlike the ballroom, weddings on the beach are much more on the relaxed side, relying mostly on the scenery to set the tone for the event. Add an arch, find some chairs, scatter some flower petals, and voila! There’s your beach wedding. If you’re choosing to get married on the beach, you’re probably not the girl who’s dreamed of her wedding day her entire life. Nope, you’re the girl who’s not afraid to go barefoot, get some sand in her hair, and keep it totally casual. You’d rather have an intimate wedding right by the water and then celebrate big with your best friends and family as the sun hits the horizon.

Hilton San Diego Resort, CA /Ocean Place Resort & Spa, NJ / Bacara Resort and Spa, CA

The Winery Featuring vineyards, scenic vistas, and fine wine, the winery is the definition of casual elegance. There’s something about wineries that make them give off a warm, rustic vibe that transports you to a charming world outside your own. Perhaps it’s the mesmerizing rows of vines, or the pleasant buzz from the last glass? Whatever it is, wineries are ripe for lovely weddings. Wineries attract brides who enjoy experiences—a unique setting far from home, an outdoor revelry, a walk along the vineyards, and the like. You want a taste of the outdoors, an intimate atmosphere, a romantic setting, and of course, some wine!

Sogno del Fiore Winery, CA / Triple S Ranch, CA / Beaulieu Garden, CA

The Historic Landmark There’s something special about walking into a place filled with a century’s worth of footsteps, laughter, and memories. From converted schoolhouses and grand Victorian mansions to old forts and ranches with 100-year-old Oaks, historic venues always add a quirky, interesting touch to an event. Weddings in historic venues go down in history, literally. This venue style is perfect for brides who want to add a bit of character to their wedding celebration! If you’re absolutely charmed by antique details and vintage elements and boast a little quirkiness yourself, you’ve met your match in a historic landmark venue.

Haiku Mill, HI / Villa Antonia, TX / The Albion Schoolhouse, CA

The Country Club The country club is the classic choice for the classy lady. The country club bride knows what she wants down to the last detail, and she can make her plans come off paper with zero snags along the way. Considering her planning prowess and good taste, you can bet her wedding is going to be the event of the year. Typically equipped with sweeping lawns, a private clubhouse, and a picturesque gazebo or two, the country club offers a private oasis for celebrations.

Smithtown Landing Country Club, NY / San Juan Hills Golf Club, CA / Basking Ridge Country Club, NJ

The Outdoors You love the sun, the smell of cut grass, and stunning sceneries in the wild. Maybe you firmly believe that the best places in the world are the ones created by Mother Nature. We definitely can’t disagree with the outdoor wedding bride; some of the most beautiful wedding venues are found in the thick of forests, mountains, parks, and gardens. Outdoor wedding venues are perfect for boho elements, farm-to-table dining, billowing tents, and rustic simplicity. If you want the beauty of the surroundings to speak louder than any design or décor, then the outdoor wedding is the right pick for you.

The Mountain Terrace, CA / Nature’s Point, TX / Camp Cabernet at Saddlerock Ranch, CA

Still not sure which type of wedding venue is the one for you? Explore more wedding venue styles, browse, and book from our collection of top wedding venues in your area!

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