8 Creative, Budget-Friendly Ways to Have a Boozy Wedding

8 Creative, Budget-Friendly Ways to Have a Boozy Wedding

Your ceremony may be heartwarming and mingling with relatives is all fine and good, but many wedding guests look forward to partying when they attend a wedding. One thing that can make or break the party is what your bar has to offer. Unfortunately, choosing what libations to serve your guests and how to serve them can be a challenge, especially if your budget is tight. You also may face other obstacles, like pricey corkage fees and strict venue restrictions. Be sure to check out these possibilities before stocking your bar! Once you have the green light from your venue, how should you approach the stocking process? You could opt for a traditional open bar, a limited bar with wine and beer, or a cash bar (perish the thought)...but what fun would that be? There are so many creative ways to serve alcohol that could not only add a unique touch to your big day, but also save you a few dollars. Here are only some of the many ways you can allow your guests to indulge.

1. Signature Cocktails Signature cocktails are have become a favorite at wedding these days...and for a good reason! Signature cocktails not only add the perfect personalized touch to your reception, but also provide an excellent way to stay within your budget. It also takes all of the guesswork out of selecting liquors to stock the bar. Though this option may seem limiting, it can actually be quite helpful. Too many options can be overwhelming for some. Make it easy on everyone with two creative, simple choices, accompanied by some wines and beers for choosier guests. Try adding a fun recipe twist to your favorite cocktail to make it really stand out!

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2. Cute Shot Favors Selecting a mini bottle of any alcohol – ranging from fine liqueurs to down-to-earth Jameson – to hand out to guests is a cheap, yet unique way to serve your booze. Greet your guests with a charming treat as soon as they enter your reception! You can even attach name tags and use them as table cards. If you’re on the tamer side, this is an excellent way to let your guests catch a buzz without serving a full bar (or paying for a bartender).

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3. Boozy Coffee or Espresso Bar If you’re hosting an early morning wedding, offering a spiked coffee or espresso bar will win you mountains of praise from any caffeine-loving guests. After all, who doesn’t want to spice up their morning routine with a little dose of something extra? For upscale or rustic weddings, consider serving your hot drinks out of a fancy silver dispenser with an optional Bailey’s addition on the side. Iced coffee is the perfect refreshment for a balmy summer occasion. Of course, a spiked coffee bar can also be a lovely after-dinner treat.

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4. Brunch Cocktails The best part about morning weddings is the brunch fare, and the cocktails are no different. Consider creating a lovely mimosa or bellini bar where guests can craft their own specialties with fresh fruit and juices. Not hosting a brunch? No worries! Mimosas and bellinis are the perfect refreshing treat for summer weddings. For more savory brunch libations, set out a tomato juice base, along with various spices like cayenne, old bay, curry, and dill.

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5. Sophisticated Punch Bowl Punch bowls may sound like a college party flashback, it can actually be one of the best ways to serve alcohol to large wedding parties without breaking the bank! Mix fine fruit juices with fresh fruit and any alcohol of your choice – it’s that simple! A punch bar is self-serve, meaning that you don’t have to worry about about paying for a bartender. Offering several options is sure to please guests who can enjoy trying different flavors throughout your big day. Punch bars fit best at a casual backyard wedding, country affair, or rustic Americana occasion.


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6. Laid Back Craft Beer BarCraft beer has become a looming presence in the alcohol industry, and for good reason! If you want to offers your guests a ton of options without breaking the bank, then you should give this choice a second look. Perfect for elegant and casual occasions alike, craft beers are not only chock full of flavor, but also significantly cheaper than wine and liquor. Guests will be sipping and savoring all night long, instead of kicking back drink after drink. You can even try reaching out to a local brewery for some regional flare and a good deal. If you’re a true beer enthusiast, offer up some of your home crafted brews on the big day!

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7. Elegant Champagne and Fruit BarBubbly is practically a must for even the most casual of weddings, and while it’s perfectly lovely on its own, a little fruit can make it even better! If you want to skip the bartending fees, provide a few different kinds of champagne ranging from sweet to dry – along with some bowls of fresh raspberries, blackberries, etc. – and allow guests to make their own creations. Though not necessarily the cheapest option, it is certainly the most elegant and can be the perfect fit for an upscale affair or 1920’s themed wedding!

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8. Classy Wine Bar Serving exclusively wine at your wedding is a bold move not well suited to larger weddings. However, it can be perfect match for an intimate winery wedding or an occasion brimming with wine lovers. Be sure to choose a few reds and whites to accommodate everyone’s tastes. When it comes to wines, remember that price doesn’t always equal quality. Consult a sommelier or other wine expert when making your selections. They’ll help you get the biggest bang out of your buck! Want an interesting way to serve this classic? Create a rustic bar made with old barrels and add cornucopias of fresh grapes as decorative accents.

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