6 Things You Can Cut Out of Your Wedding Budget

6 Things You Can Cut Out of Your Wedding Budget

If you’re planning your wedding, you’ve probably realized by now that the little things can really add up. While you may be tempted to bring every little detail on your wedding Pinterest board to life, it’s time to face the reality: your wedding budget.  When you have so many ideas, it can be difficult to figure out which ones to prioritize and which ones you (and your wallet) can do without. The key is to find a balance. After all, there are things you need and then there are things you want! Direct your budget towards the things that really matter to you, whether it is delicious food, live music, or anything else that you really, really would love to see on your big day. But feel free to skip out on some details that fall outside your personal “need” list.

Here are a few things that you can cut out of your wedding budget—things your guests won’t even notice aren’t there.

1. A Fancy Shmancy Wedding Cake Say goodbye to the sky-high traditional wedding cake with ALL the works. This one may be the easiest to let go, considering there are so many delectable, pretty alternatives to the wedding cake nowadays. If you’re a cake kind of gal, try going for a simple two-layer cake with a single accent flower or design, or even a rustic, naked cake. You can also opt for towers of cupcakes, donuts, cake pops, or set up a small dessert station. By the time the cake is being served, your guests are most likely going to be too full or tipsy for a slice, anyway.

Sources: JAC Photography via Style Me Pretty;  Flora + Fauna via Brides

2. A Top-Shelf Bar Let’s face it: a full open bar is a full open bar. Your guests will appreciate you picking up the tab no matter what. If you really want to serve the nice stuff but don’t want to splurge too much, try upgrading a single spirit of your choice.


Source: Handmade is Better Blog

3. That One Pricey Band So you can’t have Ed Sheeran at your wedding, so what? There’s an easy way to have great music without sacrificing a large chunk of your wedding budget. Trade in the professionally trained string quartet for music students. Seek out a local school or university’s music program and ask for recommendations for budding talent. You can ask for samples or host small auditions to get a sense of the sound. Your wallet will thank you!

4. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers Yes, they’re pretty, but are they worth it? Filling vases and centerpieces with out-of-season or exotic flowers can end up costing you a lot more than you thought. Keep an eye out for blooms that can serve as good substitutes, get to know your seasonal flowers, or use bundles of inexpensive yet beautiful blooms like baby’s breath and succulents! To cut more costs, place flowers at only a select number of spots within your venue—on the bar, at the altar, at the entrance, etc. You can also choose to just provide flowers for your wedding party, and use alternative decorations (candles, shells, beads, books) for centerpieces.


Sources: 1313 Photography via Style Me Pretty; Lisa Lefkowitz via MODWedding

5. The All-Night Reception Instead of hosting an all-night dance party, skip the extended reception hours and find a lively after-hours venue to continue the celebration at. Keep it casual by opening up the invitation to your closest friends, family, and anyone else who may want to attend. The venue doesn’t have to be fancy. A hotel bar, a bridal suite, or a local restaurant and bar can serve as a fun meet up space. The best part about an informal, after-hours gathering is that the tab is on your wedding guests, not you!

Source: Gavin Wade Photography via Franciscan Gardens

6. Little Gifts What do you think your guests will do with a monogrammed keychain, notebook, or mug? Most of the time, it’ll just end up in a drawer somewhere…so why bother spending money on them? Do without favors, welcome bags, and whatever other trinket you may have been toying with. But if you really want to greet or bid farewell to your guests with a little something, remember this simple rule: make it edible!

Every couple has a budget and every couple has their own set of needs when it comes to wedding planning. You may not care much about the wedding cake but maybe you love fun favors! Decide what really matters to you, and find a way to make it happen.

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