Wanderable: 5 Favorite Honeymoon Experiences

Wanderable: 5 Favorite Honeymoon Experiences

This is a guest post by Wanderable, an online honeymoon registry that helps engaged couples fund their honeymoons by offering beautiful free honeymoon registries. As experts in the honeymoon sphere, Wanderable’s mission is to make gift giving memorable.

The last four weddings I’ve been to, (and counting, it seems like everyone I know is engaged), the couples have all lived together for years before the nuptials. It was then always a question of what to get them for their big day (do I get them another salad bowl?). It seems like I’m not the only one who’s run into this dilemma; it’s 2014, and upwards of 75% of couples are now living together before popping the question. These couples have clearly splurged on their kitchen essentials and Kate Spade crystal already and are not looking to double up. So, what happens then? What do you get for the couple who has it all?

Enter Wanderable, a new kind of honeymoon registry. Yes, you read correctly: a registry for your honeymoon. A honeymoon registry is pretty much the same idea as registering for things, but instead of that second toaster you don’t need, you register for experiences, online. Last year, 34% of couples chose to register for experiences over stuff, which is an increase from 20% in 2012 and 5% just a few years ago.  Even Emily Post, the queen bee of wedding etiquette, has given her stamp of approval on “less traditional” registries. A couple can register for something as simple as transportation, like an airline flight, or for something as luxurious as a private charter of the gulf of Thailand.

With over 700 curated activities, here are five of my favorite honeymoon experiences Wanderable has to offer:

1. Three Nights at Villa Orchid (Bali, Indonesia)Oazia Spa Villas

Villa Orchid is the perfect place to celebrate your marriage.  It’s a private villa that offers all the essentials while you’re honeymooning: a large private pool, beautiful bamboo groves, and even a personal assistant to help out with whatever you need. To top it off, you’ll enjoy pristine views of the adjacent river and rice fields while taking in the smells of frangipani and gardenia with your love. You and your partner can relax with the daily massage—included!

2. Up Close & Personal with Castles (Dublin, Ireland) Extreme Ireland Adventures

Wandering around Ireland has been on my travel bucket list for quite a while. The Up Close & Personal package offers tours of the dramatic and sweeping vistas of the Cliffs of Moher, followed by local lunch in the charming village of Doolin. There is also a tour of Loughcrew, a prehistoric cemetery, and Trim Castle, the famous castle where Braveheart was shot.  You can also experience the sacred sights from the Hill Of Tara, visit the local mystery of The Jumping Church, and finally end the day with a cold pint in the historical town of Drogheda.

3. Wine Tasting (Paris, France)Paris by The Glass

Who doesn’t love wine tasting? And wine tasting in Paris is never a bad idea. Your knowledgeable guide will lead you on this vino-inspired tour around Paris, stopping at a variety of authentic wine bars and local wine shops to gain a true understanding of French wine. I’m a firm believer that it’s only after you visit some of Paris's most authentic, local wine spots that you understand what it truly means to get a "sense of place." You'll walk away with a newfound appreciation for wine as the blood of the land.

4. Molokini Wildside Snorkeling (Ma'alaea, Maui, HI) Pacific Whale Foundation

Located near Maui, this partially submerged volcanic crater is the ideal spot for snorkeling and scuba-diving. Take a catamaran out to Molokini and enjoy snorkeling with over 250 species of tropical fish and beautiful coral reef bursting with life. You’ll also get to snorkel with green sea turtles and dolphins!

5. Spa Coconut Nourishing Package (Phuket, Thailand) Oasis Spa

This spa is a jewel in the middle of the city, where you’ll leave all tension behind as soon as you wander onto the spa's campus. With their advanced discoveries in beauty and wellness, they have created unique treatments by combining the best of ancient Thai traditional medicines and herbal secrets. The spas also have a distinctive Thai atmosphere where you can enjoy superior service in the privacy of your own garden treatment villa. Relax, recharge, and find healing therapies—isn't this what a honeymoon is all about?

With experiences like these, you now have a memorable adventure with the one you love.  Additionally, anytime you register for one of Wanderable’s curated experiences, you avoid the typical fees associated with a Honeymoon registry.  With Wanderable’s feature of group gifting, guests can also choose how much (or little) they want to contribute to a specific experience.  Downside? No more scan-gun sprees at Bed Bath & Beyond. But we can get over that.

So this all sounds like a great idea, but would you really go through with it? As someone who currently lives with their significant other, and has for the past two years, I say yes.  We often joke that if we did decide to get married right now, what would we even ask for? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “If only someone could pay for my flight to Hawaii, that would be enough for me.” With Wanderable, I can register for my flight, private kayaking, a zip line canopy tour, scuba diving, paddleboarding, and more! Sounds so much better than a salad bowl.

Author Bio:Jacqui Morgan currently resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Matthew. She’s a digital and social media junkie, a passionate life-liver and wanderluster whose wholeheartedly obsessed with her basset hound, Orson.

To start your own honeymoon registry, check out Wanderable here!

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