Manage Your Guest List Without the Headache

Manage Your Guest List Without the Headache

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Out of all the steps of planning a wedding, the guest list is the most tedious and painful to deal with for most engaged couples. As you start building your list, you may find it growing unpredictably long as you remember more and more of your friends and family members. Many couples even discover that their parents have a guest list agenda of their own. Stuck with a list containing more people than you can actually invite, things get complicated, not to mention stressful.

The fun doesn’t end there. Once you’ve gotten the guest list together, you run into the frustrating process of tracking down mailing addresses for invitations and dealing with RSVPs that trickle in for what seems to be an eternity. And then there’s the seating chart! Figuring out exactly who sits where is an intricate procedure that requires a lot of patience, thinking, and multiple packs of colorful page markers.

At the end of the day, no one likes dealing with the guest list.

This is where Wedding Spot comes in. While we can’t exactly help you decide who gets invited and who doesn’t, we can help you organize and manage your guest list effortlessly with our Guest List Manager.  The Guest List Manager is a free online planning tool that allows you to collect mailing addresses, track online RSVPs, and easily build a seating chart all in one place. It simplifies the event planning process, making it faster and easier for you to stay on top of your wedding!

Add Guests

The Guest List Manager allows you to import contacts from Gmail, Facebook, Excel, or add guests manually. Simply select from your Gmail contacts, Facebook friends, or import them from an Excel worksheet to start building your guest list. Then the Guest List Manager enables you to organize the guest list -- grouping individual guests into households so you can manage invitations and RSVPs more easily.

Collect Addresses

Once the guests have been added, you can start collecting mailing addresses for your “Save the Date” and invitations. We make it easy by providing a template that you can send off to your loved ones. The message includes a link where guests can submit their contact information and all required fields are gathered without you making a single phone call!

Online RSVP

The Guest List Manager takes the RSVP process online by creating a customized RSVP page where your guests can accept or decline the invitation without having to drop anything in the mail. Here’s our attempt at being green (and hopefully saving you money in the process - no stamps)! The custom link can be shared with your guests by embedding it in your wedding site or printing it on the invitation. Guests simply go to the page, search for their name, and RSVP to the wedding. Who has accepted or declined the invitation is tracked in real-time on your Guest List Manager dashboard so you always have a tally of who’s coming and who’s not!

Build Seating Chart

To build a seating chart, select the number of seats per table, then drag and drop contacts to organize your seating lists for each table. The seating chart is automatically saved as you edit it. Less mess, less stress!


The Guest List Manager dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of everything that is going on with your guest list. Up top, it lists the number of total guests, mailing addresses collected, and guests seated. RSVPs are tracked in real-time, and a list of actions allows you to select which function to use. At the bottom is the actual guest list, complete with statuses for each guest.

If there’s any part of wedding planning that can cause a serious headache, it’s the guest list. As a single place to manage your invitations, RSVPs, and seating chart, Wedding Spot’s Guest List Manager is designed to help you take charge of your guest list and all the tricky steps involved. And the best part? It’s free!

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