Whimsical, Handmade Weddings On A Budget

Whimsical, Handmade Weddings On A Budget

Getting married on a budget doesn’t mean your day will be any less memorable than a big-budget event. In fact, getting married on a shoestring can add charm and whimsy with a boho-chic, handmade vibe. Let yourself be creative and build a one-of-a-kind wedding that reflects your personality and style.

1. Pick an unusual venue

Non-conventional event spaces are often less expensive, and they might also offer more flexibility about doing things yourself. Public beaches and parks, libraries, museums, and small private estates make great, unique venues.

The Casitas Estate

2. Avoid the wedding-food trap

Rather than a fancy rehearsal dinner, what about a beach picnic or a BBQ? For the big day, think about a family-owned restaurant for the catering, and don’t get suckered into buying a big wedding cake no one will eat–other sweet treats might be tastier and more fun. Think about a s’mores bar, big bowls of candy and popcorn, and if it’s a hot summer night, ice pops!

Real Simple

3. Make it yourself!

Get inspired by your local arts and craft shop, and enlist your friends to help you with a decorations party! You can make beautiful handmade paper chains, and spray paint mason jars and half wine bottles for flowers, tea lights, or just because. For playful lighting, make paper lanterns, and bring your own twinkly lights wrapped in brightly colored tissue paper. While you’re at it, use rubber stamps (you can custom order these!)  to make your own invitations, place cards, and thank you notes. And if you can’t make it all yourself, check out Etsy for great handmade options!


4. Save on flowers

Cut flowers, especially for weddings, can cost thousands of dollars. And they only last for a day! Why not go for wild flowers in simple jars, potted plants, or exotic succulents on every table? At the end of the celebration, encourage your guests to take the flowers home as little souvenirs!


5. Don’t feel pressured to be matchy-matchy

This is your wedding, and you can do whatever you want. If you always thought matching bridesmaids dresses from [insert supplier] were a little tacky, you won’t be breaking any rules by bucking the trend. Think about the look and color scheme you want and let your bridesmaids choose from a wider range of colors and styles!  And on that note, don’t feel like you have to buy a wedding dress. There are plenty of beautiful white, cream and beaded dresses out there that are not specifically for a wedding. Let your character and style shine through.

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