Getting Married in Hawaii, the Ultimate Wedding Destination

Getting Married in Hawaii, the Ultimate Wedding Destination

Aloha! At Wedding Spot we want to make the wedding planning process easier for as many couples as we can reach. Since we launched in August, we have been working hard to expand to new regions and ensure that our brides and grooms have access to the best wedding destinations. After an overwhelming number of requests, we’re very excited to announce our arrival in the beautiful islands of Hawaii!

Created from volcanic eruptions, Hawaii offers an endless array of idyllic, romantic settings throughout its six distinct islands. Geographically diverse and ripe for exploration, the Hawaiian Islands feature a perfect blend of land and sea. With active volcanoes, emerald valleys, jagged cliffs, tropical rainforests, and dramatic waterfalls, Hawaii promises a gasp-inducing backdrop whichever way you turn. But of course, Hawaii is most renowned for its magnificent beaches! White sands, black lava, sleepy coves, vibrant waters, and breathtaking sunsets are all a given on these islands. Whether you are a local, or live across the sea, a wedding in Hawaii is bound to surpass your expectations.

So, with the array of beautiful sites, it makes sense that Hawaii also provides a diverse collection of exquisite wedding venues. Hawaiian venues are truly unique in that they all accentuate the pristine, unspoiled beauty of their colorful surroundings. Here’s a look at some venues you wouldn’t expect in Hawaii, as well as some classics:

The Rustic Plantation Wedding

What’s a better place to host a rustic chic wedding than on a plantation where the land extends far beyond what your eyes can see? Get married amidst acres and acres of dragon fruit, pineapple, coffee, coconut, and allow your guests to experience a taste of Hawaii through these working farms and ranches. Featuring curvy landscapes, tropical gardens, green pastures, ancient trees, and even horses, these unique venues offer a natural sanctuary fit for a precious union. Grab string lights and a flower wreath and you’re all set for a charming celebration that cannot be found anywhere else!

Panoramic Paradise at Maui DragonFruit Farm

The Adventure-filled Wedding

Calling all brides who love to keep things interesting! Take on the thrill of the Hawaiian waters by saying “I do” aboard a catamaran, where you can admire the peaceful shoreline and the golden horizon. If you are lucky, you’ll be greeted by the occasional spinner dolphins and whales that come up for a peek. For something with less sea and more land, go for an intimate gathering tucked away in the rainforest with a tree house anchored to lava-wrapped roots on the Big Island of Hawaii. A plus side to these exciting venues? Comfortable shoes. Need we say more?

Mahinui Rainforest Weddings

The Historic Estate Wedding

A wedding held at one of these historic estates means that you’ll get enough freedom to roam around the grounds while enjoying the exclusivity provided for your special day. Each venue has its own history and appeal with a piece of Hawaii at each step of the way, and not to mention the mystique! Bring in hanging glass chandeliers to glam things up or just keep it to a simple candlelit dinner. Whether it is a storybook wedding at a vine-draped ruin, or a casual affair against dark lava rocks and a violet sunset, take advantage of the natural beauty and the atmosphere of the estate to create an impressive celebration that is all yours.

Kukahiko Estate

The Waterfront Resort Wedding

If you firmly believe that a wedding in Hawaii is not a wedding in Hawaii unless the beach is in the backdrop, a waterfront resort may offer the wedding of your dreams! Featuring the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean, swaying palm trees, breathtaking sunsets, waterfalls, gardens, and more, the many resorts on the islands’ coastlines provide you with your own tropical paradise on your big day. Whether you want to dig your toes right into the sand during the ceremony, or prefer to gaze at the ocean from an intimate terrace, these venues are experts at providing brides with countless options and an abundance of luxuries!

Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Few places on earth deliver the romantic and adventurous spirit that Hawaii bestows upon its residents and its guests. We trust that the Islands of Aloha will make your wedding a truly unforgettable affair. If you have not done so already, create an account with us here and start browsing through Hawaiian venues today. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more updates!

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