5 Easy, Unique Wedding Ceremony Traditions

5 Easy, Unique Wedding Ceremony Traditions

With the walk down the aisle, the sharing of the vows, and the sealing kiss, the wedding ceremony itself is the most anticipated event for every bride, groom, and guest. Don’t let your lifelong journey as a couple get off to a boring start! Shake up the traditional affair with a unique activity that offers you a different way to signify your union, an extra precious memory, and plenty of admiration from your guests. If you’re ready to boost your ceremony’s creativity level, here’s a few thing you might consider:

1. Wish Upon a Balloon

Unlike your eighth birthday party, incorporating balloons into your ceremony can create an ethereal and lively effect that begs to be captured on camera. In this lovely alternative to the popular balloon release, each guest jots down a wish for the couple on small note cards before the ceremony. The notes are then collected, tied to a bundle of delightfully colored balloons, and carried down the aisle by the flower girl. The couple then releases the note-laden balloons together, sending all the warm wishes up to the sky. For an extra whimsical touch, try adding ribbons of shredded fabric to the balloons!

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2. Love Letter & Wine Box

The hammer becomes your perfect wedding accessory in this meaningful custom. The bride and groom take time before their wedding day to write love letters for each other, reflecting on the reasons they fell in love, as well as their hopes for the future. At the ceremony, a wooden wine box is presented where the couple can place the sealed notes alongside a bottle of wine. The box is then nailed shut to be opened and shared on their first anniversary. For added flair that will incorporate your guests, set the wine bottle out before the ceremony and let everyone sign it!

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3. Flowers for the Mothers

For a thoughtful (and potentially teary) moment, show your family (and your soon-to-be family) that you appreciate them by picking a flower to give the mothers as a symbol of gratitude for their years of unconditional love and support. The giving of the flowers also highlights the union of two families, and the future ahead as one.

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4. Reverse Unity Candle

Love the unity candle ceremony but don't want to be too conventional? Create a more intimate tradition by simply reversing the lighting of the candles. The bride and groom start the candle ceremony by lighting a candle together. The light is spread to the rest of the room as the single candle is used to light those of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, who will then move to light those of the guests. The ceremony is complete when every candle in the room is lit, producing a warm atmosphere—perfect to usher-in a new union!

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5. Hand Washing

Simple and romantic, the hand washing ceremony is all about starting a new chapter with clean slates. A large bowl filled with water is placed on a table before the bride and groom, along with two hand towels. Don't forget to add flower petals or lemon slices to enhance the aesthetic quality of this humble tradition. The couple either washes their hands together, or has the officiant pour water over their clasped hands. Then they dry each other’s hands to symbolize the agreement to forgive imperfections and start anew. The hand washing ceremony can serve as the perfect transition into the vows!

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