6 Unique Wedding Styles in Northern California

6 Unique Wedding Styles in Northern California

California has it all -- wine country, a big city, the Pacific ocean, and unbridled nature. Whatever your style and budget, you can find that perfect venue that feels like it was made for you. Here’s a look at some of the unique backdrops in Northern California.

Wine Country of Napa and Sonoma

Napa and Sonoma are part of the fabric of Northern California, offering laid-back luxury in a setting that’s hard to beat. With warm weather all year around, and rolling hills dotted with vineyards, any event here will feel like a much-desired “destination” wedding. And in addition to the wonderful wine, this part of California has also grown in prominence as a destination for foodies -- so if you want a wedding packed with succulent flavor and locally sourced ingredients, this is your place. Your guests can make a weekend out of it, and you can return every year for your anniversary. What’s not to love?

Paradise Ridge Winery

The Rustic Countryside

Make the most of California’s scenery with a simple, elegant wedding that finds the right balance of sophistication and natural beauty. Where better to offer your guests the most authentic farm-to-table experience? Imagine lush farmland, sweeping views, and a setting that’s as romantic as it can get. Keep it low-key while admiring the charming scenery, or go all out and bring rustic chic to the countryside with hanging glass chandeliers. There is an abundance of venues scattered throughout Northern California that would be perfect for couples longing for a back-to-nature, vintage wedding.

Blue Heron Hall

The Private Estate Experience

A private estate means a unique and private setting that’s all yours. You can have the big party you always wanted or an intimate celebration where you can truly feel connected to your loved ones. Many estates and mansions are ideal for brides and grooms who want a venue with a lot of character and depth  -- think grand entrances, manicured gardens, expansive views, and detailed architecture. So whether it’s by the ocean, in the hills, or nestled in wine country, if you want to get away from it all and be the lady of the manor -- or anything else -- for a day, it’s worth looking into this more intimate setting.

Kenyon Estate

“Big City” San Francisco

San Francisco is a bite-sized, world-class city surrounded by a gorgeous skyline and stunning views of the Bay. Make this most charming city (yes, even the fog is charming!) part of your wedding day -- and make it a memorable vacation for your guests. Whether you want old-time glamor or pure modern luxury, San Francisco has the right venue for you. And with most San Francisco hotel weddings, you get a bunch of unexpected benefits, from event planners to world-class chefs and accommodations for all of your guests. The party doesn’t have to end and everyone makes it to bed safely!

Hotel Vitale

Unforgettable Historic Landmarks

You want a San Francisco wedding but don’t want to be in a hotel or restaurant? Grand, historic spaces make impressive wedding venues that truly lend you a part of San Francisco on your big day. Every venue offers a space rich in history and architecture -- each with it’s own story. Many are highlighted by an awe-inspiring ballrooms, extravagant decor, intricate design, and a one-of-a-kind city view. These great spaces are perfect for adding intrigue and pure extravagance to your day.

Julia Morgan Ballroom

The Dramatic Oceanside

We’re here at the edge of the continent. There is nowhere else in the country with this much ocean. Dazzle your guests with the breathtaking beaches, cliffs, and miles upon miles of open water by making this ever-changing landscape the backdrop for your wedding. Whether you want to go barefoot at the shore, or high-up on the cliff, a coastal ceremony and reception is the only option for true ocean-lovers.

La Costanera

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