Venue 101: 8 Wedding Venue Details You Should Know

Venue 101: 8 Wedding Venue Details You Should Know

Choosing a wedding venue is a major step that will jump-start your wedding planning. If you’re embarking on a search to find the perfect wedding venue, you’re probably thinking about what you want your wedding to include and exclude. Maybe you’re toying with the idea of an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception, a seated dinner instead of a buffet, or a winter wedding versus a summer one. But what you may not be considering are all the little details that need to be considered when picking a wedding venue. From amenities included in the cost to special restrictions, every wedding venue offers a different combination of options to choose from and restrictions to be mindful of when planning your wedding.

Thankfully, when you search and price your wedding venue on Wedding Spot, we cover all the little details for you, so you don’t have to ask the venue a million questions! But just in case you’re confused about what some of these points entail, or you want clarification on what they mean, we compiled a list of common wedding venue details you should take note of when booking your spot!

Chiavari Chairs Let’s start with a simple one. Simply put, chiavari chairs are fancier choices for seating than your regular banquet chair. If you’re lucky, your venue will provide these for use in your ceremony and reception. If not, you can rent them for an extra cost. Dainty and wooden, chiavari chairs are usually dipped in metallic paint and add a more glamorous touch to your wedding event.

Sources: Kristen Weaver Photography via Style Me Pretty / Nicole Berrett Photography via Style Me Pretty

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Wedding Coordinator Required If a venue requires a wedding coordinator, it means you need to have someone who will oversee the wedding events throughout the day and night. The wedding coordinator looks out for your best interests and your needs, and manages your vendors and schedule. He/she is different from the venue coordinator or an on-site venue manager, whose priority is everything that has to do with the actual venue.

Cake-Cutting Fee Want to bring in a wedding cake from an outside bakery or pastry chef? A cake-cutting fee is an additional fee to cut and serve the wedding cake. This fee covers the dishes, flatware, and service required to serve the cake.

Sources: Lisa Lefkowitz via Brides / The Frosted Petticoat

Hosted Bar by Hour vs. Hosted Bar by Consumption This one requires you to study your wedding crowd! Hosted bar by hour means you pay an hourly rate for a set amount of time where your guests will have access to unlimited drinks. Payment for a hosted bar by consumption is measured by how much your guests consume through the evening. If you’re hosting a party that isn’t expected to frequent the bar too much, this may be a more economical option for you. But keep in mind that if your prediction is wrong, you may end up with a high bill at the end of the night.

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Venue Must Approve All Décor This is pretty straightforward. If you’re planning on filling up your ceremony space with candles or bringing in elaborate overhead ceremony décor, you will have to run these items by the venue for approval. After all, you are renting a space, and no one wants a disaster to occur on such a happy occasion! Most venue contracts cover this point. Sources: Brooke Courtney Photography via Intimate Weddings / Jon Schaaf Photography via Wedding Chicks

Liability Insurance We don’t like to admit it, but disaster could happen on your wedding day. Maybe one of your candles caught fire and created major damages to the venue. It’s common nowadays for wedding venues to require the couple to show proof of liability insurance to cover situations like these, especially if the site does not have insurance. Prevent event mishaps and save money by planning ahead!

Full Kitchen Facilities vs. Kitchen Facilities for Prep Only vs. No Kitchen Hopefully your venue has a great full kitchen for your caterer to prepare your wedding food. A prep kitchen allows your caterer to prep and plate the food, but not actually cook the food on site. If your venue does not have a kitchen, consult your caterer to figure out alternative solutions. Or you could go for a fun food-truck wedding! Just saying…Source:Nessak Photography

Miscellaneous Items Not Included in the Venue Cost Depending on what your venue offers, you may need to account for extra expenses on certain items that you want included in your wedding but are not already included in your venue cost. Ceremony arches, aisle runners, uplighting, linens, silverware, glassware, tables, and dance floors are all items that the venue may not provide.

Wedding planning is all about considering the big picture and the little details! If you haven’t already, find your ideal venue that fits your personal budget, style, and vision by browsing our collection of top wedding venues across the country.

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