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Intertwining breathtaking views of the Long Island Sound and grandiose architecture plucked from the pages of a fairy tale, Whitby Castle offers a truly singular setting for a perfect big day. Painstakingly built to resemble England’s Whitby Abbey — and crafted using some of the Abbey’s original stones — this palatial building was once a private residence, but today provides the ideal background for a historic wedding. Despite the venue’s convenience to the city, Whitby Castle feels like a world apart. Tucked away on 126 acres of verdant land, there is no shortage of whimsical backdrops for those picture perfect wedding moments.

Upon their arrival, your guest will be greeting with the striking view of an English style castle surrounded by impeccably manicured lawns, the vibrant green grass standing in stark contrast to the monochromatic gray of the stone castle. This very same view will serve as the background for your “I do’s.” Guests will look on from their chairs as you and your beloved share your first kiss as spouses beneath a simple wedding arch on the front lawn. After sealing the deal, you and your guests can make your way to the open air patio. Sip on tall flutes of champagne as you look out onto the expansive green of the golf course and Milton Harbor, the sparkling waters of the Long Island Sound putting the finishing touch on an already beautiful setting. Move indoors for your reception, where you can take advantage of an opulent ballroom or one of the more intimate private dining rooms to celebrate your union. Contemporary convenience meets historic grandeur in each of these lovely spaces, with fine architectural features like pointed arch windows, vaulted beam ceilings, vintage chandeliers, and rich dark woods all harkening to days long passed. In addition to your palatial surroundings, Whitby Castle also gives couples the true royal treatment during their stay — providing world class service and feasts fit for Kings. From the property’s singular secluded feel to the luxurious architecture, Whitby Castle offers a true storybook experience on your big day!

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