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Dreamy New Jersey weddings happen at the beautiful Crystal Ballroom, one of the most highly rated Monmouth County wedding venues. Located at the Radisson Freehold, Crystal Ballroom offers a romantic escape for every couple and guest, even when it’s just halfway between New York City and Philadelphia. Perfect for the pair that wants to celebrate their new life together with up to 300 of their friends and family, the New Jersey wedding venue offers everything needed for a spectacular evening—delectable food, stunning photo opportunities around every corner, and stunning ceremony and reception spots! And when the party’s over, guests can retreat to their accommodations right on site.

Most often, wedding ceremonies at the Crystal Ballroom are romantic affairs held outdoors. The aisle is set before a whimsical, bubbling fountain set against the backdrop of manicured hedges and flowers. Guests are seated on either side in this garden-like setting, awaiting the arrival of the bride. Picturesque and private, this outdoor ceremony spot requires no extra additions to be deemed beautiful. Open for cocktail hour, the Outdoor Patio is an exclusive outdoor space where your guests may lounge while enjoying the full bar and passed hors d’oeuvres. Here, cozy fire pits, delicious cocktails, and the incredible sunset inspire conversation among guests. The party begins in the ballroom, an elegant space dressed up with glistening chandeliers, dramatic ceiling cove lighting, and a spacious dance floor in the middle. Wedding receptions at the Crystal Ballroom are always tastefully arranged, no matter the couple’s personal style. With the help of the dedicated banquet team, the mood is set for a glamorous evening full of good food, laughs, and dancing!

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Photography provided by: Crystal Ballroom

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