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Cushioned on the cusp of the famed Branch Brook Park, Nanina’s In The Park stands as a spectacular New Jersey landmark and as the destination for weddings in the state. With over 50 years of experience in hosting magnificent wedding ceremonies and receptions, Nanina’s is no stranger to the art of crafting a memorable celebration. The venue’s prime location within the historic park grants a lush, scenic setting and an enchanting air—perfect for the most special day of your life.  As a family owned and operated venue, Nanina’s In The Park adds a personal element to every event, whether it arrives in the form of authentic, Italian cuisine, unsurpassed presentation, attentive service, or all of the above! From the flowering cherry blossoms to the Tuscan villa, Nanina’s In The Park is made for captivating moments and one-of-a-kind celebrations!

Featuring a blend of Europe’s finest architectural touches, Nanina’s in the Park is the epitome of elegance and luxury. Flower-lined stone pathways sprawl through its expansive garden terrace, which boasts a sparkling waterfall, a gleaming white Florentine arbor, and gently sloping hillsides that create the perfect backdrop for an intimate, serene outdoor ceremony. Just past the waterfall lies a footbridge overlooking a quiet, bubbling creek. Surrounded by young birches and lush foliage, the bridge makes the perfect spot for stunning wedding photos with your friends and family. The Tuscan-inspired villa rises to the east of the bridge and offers marbled staircases, a Juliet balcony, and a foyer with hand-painted cathedral ceilings for a stunning cocktail hour. Select antiques, including an early 20th century mahogany-trimmed library and a crackling neo classic fireplace accent the spacious reception rooms to create a warm, intimate atmosphere for even the largest celebrations. The Austrian crystal chandeliers and adjoining starlit patio of the vaulted Grand Ballroom bathe the space in twinkling light, creating a spellbinding space fit for a once-in-a-lifetime fairytale reception.

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