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Nestled in the hills above the Palos Verdes Peninsula, La Venta Inn stands as a stunning seaside escape that shares the rich history of this coastal Southern California region. The Spanish villa dates back to the early 1920’s when it was the first structure to be completed on the Peninsula. Renowned architects Walter and Pierpont Davis designed the villa, while the Inn’s lovely gardens are attributed to the work of the famous Olmstead brothers. Throughout the years, La Venta Inn has served as a social hub for tourists and notable members alike, encouraging each company to stay and savor the blissful scene. Since then, the New York Food Company has applied its events and catering expertise to restore the Inn to its original luster and unearth the architectural features that so many had admired in years past. Today, this story-filled Inn has become one of the most unique and idyllic wedding venues in Southern California.

In the Inn’s secluded garden, the charming white gazebo is presented with a rush of cool, Pacific breeze and a heaping side of ocean views. Cobblestone makes way through the middle of the lawn and up the stairs, winding through clusters of flowering bushes and trees to meet the villa. Coupled together, the scene is entirely serene—the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony. At the top of the steps, guests can admire the gardens, the ebbing coastline, and the dazzling towns of Los Angeles from the terrace. In the Great Room, a massive stone fireplace casts a warm glow over the dance floor while intricate Spanish chandeliers dangle from domed ceilings. Windows cover every corner of the adjoining room, offering possibilities for an award-winning dining experience with a spectacular view of the sun dipping below the horizon. Conversation, laughter, and cocktails fit in the courtyard, where sloping greenery, string lights, a bubbling fountain, and the peeking tower craft an exclusive, enchanting atmosphere.

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Photography by: Scott A. Nelson Photography

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