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Nestled amid the beautiful wide open spaces that define the landscape of Central California, the Cypress Ridge Pavilion provides soon-to-be-wed couples with a stunning, natural setting that stands apart from typical country club venues due to its spectacular landscaping and serene atmosphere. Artfully blending the refined and the peaceful, this Pavilion provides a spectacular wedding day backdrop that manages to evoke an upscale air with a casual twist. Though the Pavilion has hosted a wide variety of events ranging from golf tournaments to family reunions, the venue truly shines as a gracious host to gorgeous weddings in California.

The Cypress Ridge Pavilion blends finely manicured landscaping and delightfully warm decorative touches to create a sense of welcome from the moment you set foot on the property. The Pavilion’s intimate garden is bursting with fresh flowers, which sprawl out towards the adjacent lake outlined by towering cypress trees. The lake water glitters beneath California’s sunny skies, making it an ideal backdrop for saying your “I do’s” beneath a charming wooden wedding arch draped in sheer white fabric. This charming atmosphere creates a secluded feel that your guests won’t soon forget! A small dock extends out into the lake’s glassy waters, creating a stunning setting for snapping truly unforgettable wedding photos. Guests can explore the property with cocktails in hand, taking leisurely walks along the lakeside boardwalk and enjoying the surrounding property decorated with flourishing flora and cascading waterfalls. Constructed in a traditional craftsmen style, the Pavilion itself is a breathtaking structure featuring vaulted ceilings that are defined by rich cathedral wood beams, lending the architecture a sophisticated yet rustic look. The vast glass windows and prominent stone fireplace only adds to the venue’s amiable atmosphere. Guests looking for a quieter area during the course of the evening can even retreat outside and take a seat in the small amphitheater beneath the stars, which surrounds a crackling stone fire pit. Romantic and tranquil, this remarkable venue offers some of the finest grounds in the region, as well as a uniquely soothing ambiance that will leave you and your guests feeling lighter than feathers when the big day finally comes to a close!

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Photography by: Kristen Booth / Lindsey Gomes /Jonathan Roberts

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