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Situated along Long Island’s famed Gold Coast, the NYIT de Seversky Mansion seamlessly combines historic charm with the grandiose elegance of an era. Constructed at the height of the market in 1918 by Alfred I. du Pont, this majestic manor was designed to exude the heaping hospitality and endless optimism of The Gilded Age. The mansion has changed hands numerous times in the past century, boasting owners whose claims to fame range from politics to international polo. However, the estate finally found its permanent owner in the 1970’s, when it was acquired by the New York Institute of Technology and named after the esteemed Russian aviator Alexander P. de Seversky, who played an instrumental role in its purchase. Today this Georgian style beauty serves as a testament to the unrivaled extravagance of The Jazz Age, as well as an unforgettable wedding venue.

From the mansion’s handsome brick facade to the meticulously manicured gardens, the NYIT de Seversky Mansion paints an enchanting picture of unmatched class and sophistication. The ornate stone pillars guard the cobblestone drive, hinting at the breathtaking estate that lies beyond. Arriving before the manor’s limestone-columned entrance immediately transports you back to a time of mammoth fortunes and dazzling glamour. This unmistakable atmosphere only continues when you enter the marble-laden foyer, complete with an elaborately carved grand staircase to match. The finely groomed gardens are bursting with flourishing flowers, shapely topiary, majestic stone fountains, and neoclassical sculpture, making it an ideal setting for saying your “I do’s.” Enjoy the bluestone patio and lush north lawn overlooking a glittering lake with cocktail in hand, creating a fete galante atmosphere plucked right from the pages of The Great Gatsby. The rich oak-paneled walls add a distinctly elegant air to the ballroom, which features beautifully embellished vaulted ceilings, rustic chandeliers, and a warm stone fireplace. The property also offers a wonderland of breathtaking photo backdrops, from the garden’s cast iron archways to the airy loggia. Bewitching at every glance and unapologetically regal, the NYIT de Seversky Mansion offers a truly charismatic New York wedding venue that is perfect for making your big day truly special!

NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-2 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-17 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-26 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-30   NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-19 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-21 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-15 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-14 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-33 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-20 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-8 NYIT-de-seversky-mansion-wedding-Long-Island-NY-31 NYIT-de-seversky-mansion-wedding-Long-Island-NY-32 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-23 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-27 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-28 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-29 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-34 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-22 NYIT-de-Seversky-Mansion-Wedding-Long-Island-NY-16
Photography by: Imagine Studios / Jay Lim Photography/ INFOCUS NYC / Chaz Cruz

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