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The story of Villa Russo found its beginning at the hands of two sons of Italian immigrants whose dedication and hard work nurtured the growth of a small pizzeria into a full service restaurant. The Russo Family’s love for food traveled through the family’s unique Italian recipes, building a loyal following through the journey. The family used their catering expertise to open a banquet hall next to their restaurant, marking the founding of the contemporary venue that is Villa Russo. After hosting the first wedding reception in 1977, the Russo brothers discovered their true passion: catering the special moments in the lives of their beloved patrons. Now operated by a second-generation family, Villa Russo continues the tradition of old world values and traditions that keep their clients coming back year after year. What started out as a small family-owned pizzeria in Queens over 58 years ago is now one of New York’s most successful and passionate catering venues.

The golden letters at the entrance to Villa Russo reads, “Il Palazzo de Villa Russo,” giving clue to the majestic, graceful look and feel of the Italian-inspired venue. Villa Russo’s impressive façade is one shaped from a blend of stones and statuettes, lit up under the glowing orbs of accent lighting. An elegant stone staircase leads into the Grotto Room, a favorite for ceremonies. Light, gold tone draping floats across the ceiling, while a stone fireplace at the back of the room burns warmly, guarded by stone lions. The Victorian exposed brick framing the space further enhances the warm, golden atmosphere of the Grotto Room. The centerpiece is an elegant ring of slim pillars that gather to form a gazebo area at the front of the room. The Palace Room is the place for truly regal celebrations. Encircled by an indoor balcony, the sheer structure of the room casts an enchanting charm over its guests. Golden chandeliers drop down from a layer of sheer fabric and lights, drawing attention to the glossy dance floor below. Layers of stone—a distinct characteristic of Villa Russo—form a border around the Palace Room. Full of light and old-world charm, Villa Russo is prime for festive gatherings with family and friends!

Villa-Russo-Wedding-NY-2 Villa-Russo-Wedding-NY-3 Villa-Russo-Wedding-NY-4 Villa-Russo-Wedding-NY-5 Villa-Russo-Wedding-NY-6 Villa-Russo-Wedding-NY-7 Villa-Russo-Wedding-NY-8 Villa-Russo-Wedding-NY-9 Villa-Russo-Wedding-NY-10 Newly engaged? Don’t miss the free 2015 Bridal Show at Villa Russo on Wednesday, April 29! This event is rated #1 in NYC for a show featuring food, wedding trends, industry experts, honeymoon giveaways, and other great prizes. Find more information here.

Photography provided by: Villa Russo Catering

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